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Mary teaches classroom education in digital marketing to marketing directors, communications managers and CEO’s.
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David is a marketing director of a leading fuel retail chain with more than 900 service stations with convenience stores across the country.
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Anna is a teacher of mathematics and all students love her lessons for the simple and relaxed way she teaches.
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John has a company for business education and training for managers.
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Rita is the HR director for a transport and logistics company.
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An easy and efficient way

  • to set individual education goals
  • to integrate training and learning into the daily work and lives of the participants
  • to reach wider audiences
  • to promote team spirit and increase the connection of people.

Our solution

Goruu provides a comprehensive cloud based online platform that makes learning easy, fun and interactive.
Goruu is an international company specialized in online services for corporate education and individual learning.
With a flexible platform, that can be totally tailored to the client, Goruu simplify the creation and management of virtual academies putting efficient learning in the front seat.

The Goruu technology is a cloud-based social mobile platform loaded with simple and close-knit tools (apps) to help facilitate and connect people and information.
Users can solve tasks and learn in an instant, non-linear and ad-hoc manner. That is, the technology creates a natural flow and supports the way people actually solve tasks.
Organizations can create private and secure clouds to optimize value across employees and customers.

In short, the Goruu Academy is an online service that allows the customer to create branded learning experiences for its target audience.

Goruu is perfect for:

Enjoy the world’s simplest platform to create your own professional e-learning solution or ask us to customize one for you

An exclusive team to support you

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Cristina GuardaGoruu Portugal
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Janaina CamargoGoruu Brazil
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Johan JyllnorGoruu Sweden
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