Anna is a teacher of mathematics and all students love her lessons for the simple and relaxed way she teaches. Her students are the ones with the highest grades and there are several parents who ask her to tutor their children when preparing for tests and national exams. Motivated by the support and results, Anna is really keen on assisting all but she has not enough time for all the requests she gets.

Anna has discovered Goruu, a comprehensive “cloud based” platform for education and interactive learning. Goruu is tailored to mobile devices and based on simplicity and interactivity, allowing Anna to integrate technology in her teaching and extend interactive learning activities beyond the face-to-face meetings with her students.

Exceeding her expectations, Goruu allows Anna to create courses, lectures and tailored tasks that fit the needs of those who want extra tutoring and encourage them to share knowledge with others. For her students, Goruu is a user friendly and intuitive solution, available anytime and in any interface.

With Goruu:

Anna decided to record her lectures on video, create to-do lists and knowledge assessment tests. She also created a repository of frequent questions from her students, thematically organized and searchable. The classroom of Anna was known as the best math classroom. Moving it online increased the awareness further by word-of-mouth and Anna has started charging a small nominal fee for each student to access their courses. With the number of students joining the classes of Anna online, her business is far greater today than it ever could have been through private lessons for students preparing for exams. Her audience is almost becoming a national audience. Anna had almost no startup cost for her virtual classroom. Goruu believed in her project and offered her a revenue share system, in which Anna only pays if she has paying students.

Goruu is perfect for private online tutoring in virtual classrooms and makes the life of Anna and her students easy, fun and interactive!