David is a marketing director of a leading fuel retail chain with more than 900 service stations with convenience stores across the country. Annually he launches more than 50 promotional campaigns to attract new clients and to increase customer loyalty and experience. The campaigns typically has distinct characteristics that have to be shared with all employees of all service stations with direct contact with customers, so that everyone is prepared for customer interaction according to the campaign.

David has discovered Goruu, a comprehensive “cloud based” platform for education and interactive learning. Goruu is tailored to mobile devices and based on simplicity and interactivity, allowing Peter to integrate technology in training of his employees and to extend interactive learning activities beyond the retail stores.

Exceeding his expectations, Goruu allows David to create courses and simple tasks that help him implement the ever changing campaigns and support the employees in education and training, also by interacting with colleagues. For his employees, Goruu is a user friendly and intuitive solution, available anytime and in any interface.

With Goruu:

David uses Goruu to share information regarding the current campaign with all employees of his gas stations. Through the explanatory videos showing the campaign content and goal, the FAQ responses, continuous support for how to interact with the customers under the campaign, verification and testing of knowledge and the systematic allocation of individual certificates and rewards, Peter found a simple way to successfully implement campaigns and motivate all employees to be constantly updated and ready to answer any question from their customers.

Goruu is perfect for retail campaign management and makes the life of David easy, fun and interactive!