Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. Goruu offer a payment system so you can price your learning content and charge your uses directly inside the Goruu platform. All academies is equipped with a Library in which you can offer free or paid content.

Goruu is developed as a responsive web app that will adapt to any screen size. However, we offer a complete branded mobile experience. That is, you can get your own branded app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. See our pricing list or contact one of our Goruu representatives.

Yes, for sure. Goruu is developed with a focus on mobile devices to secure a simple and mobile learning experience.

No. Goruu is a modern cloud-based service. You don’t have to install or update Goruu at any time. When we develop and offer new features, they will be available instantly in your Goruu academy. You will never have to worry about upgrades or if you have the latest version anymore. You, and your users, will always have the latest version of Goruu when you access it.