John has a company for business training. Their courses are certified and recognized in various sectors of activity. His company has grown in recent years, but the crisis and cost reduce, have forced him to lower the prices and the profit margin is now extremely short which has been undermining your business.

John have discovered Goruu, a comprehensive online platform, “cloud based” for training and interactive learning.

As a principle simplicity and availability through any equipment, Goruu platform adapted to each, allowing them to reap the full complement of technology and its activity as a differentiating factor that led them to surpass all your expectations professionals.
Through the admin interface, the Goruu allows them to create courses, classes or simple tasks that fit each of the needs of those who need to share knowledge with others. The Goruu facility for the user is a user friendly, intuitive, easy to use and available anytime of day interface.

With Goruu:

In this differentiating approach to e-learning, John recognized a unique opportunity to reduce his costs and to win more customers. The education content of his company has been tailored for online education and the graduates continue to recognize the great quality of their education, spreading the word to colleagues, business associates and friends. Goruu recognize the quality of content delivered by the company of John and invites him to share the courses in the Goruu Marketplace, which allows John to start selling education for companies in all countries where Goruu has business. Through the Goruu marketplace, providers of professional education can sell their courses to other providers and Goruu customers seeking content for online corporate education and training.

Goruu is perfect for creating and maintaining a business based ononline professional courses and makes the life of John, his colleagues and customers easy, fun and interactive!