Mary teaches classroom education in digital marketing to marketing directors, communications managers and CEO’s. She believes that personal contact with students is essential to their learning, and that brainstorming promotes the interaction between learners and support activities for knowledge exploration.

Mary has discovered Goruu, a comprehensive “cloud based” platform for education and interactive learning. Goruu is tailored to mobile devices and based on simplicity and interactivity, allowing Mary to integrate technology in her teaching and extend interactive learning activities beyond the classroom.

Exceeding her expectations, Goruu allows Mary to create courses, classes and simple tasks that fit the needs of those who want to share knowledge with others. For her students, Goruu is a user friendly and intuitive solution, available anytime and in any interface.

With Goruu:

Mary has included interactive activities and brainstorming using smart phones and tablets for her students, encouraging them to participate in discussions, answering quick surveys connected to the content under discussion, and distributing tasks which has created a collaborative environment beyond the classroom walls and improved the preparedness and engagement of her students when they do meet. Students have access to all education content and all discussions, comments and remarks at all time, literally at their fingertips.

Goruu is perfect for blended learning and makes the life of Mary and her students easy, fun and interactive!