Rita is the HR director for a transport and logistics company. It is required by law that almost all employees go through a minimum amount of hours of education and training annually.
At the same time, she has the need to assess the technical and role specific knowledge of each employee to tailor specific training, promote the development of their careers, allocate performance bonuses and motivate learning as an individual and team development factor.

Rita has discovered Goruu, a comprehensive “cloud based” platform for education and interactive learning. Goruu is tailored to mobile devices and based on simplicity and interactivity, allowing seamless integration of technology in teaching and extending interactive learning activities beyond the physical classrooms and education settings.

Exceeding her expectations, Goruu allows Rita and her colleagues to create courses, lectures and series of tasks that fit the common as well as the individual needs of the employees. For the employees, Goruu is a user friendly and intuitive solution, available anytime and in any interface.

With Goruu:

Through the Goruu partner network, Rita discovered the Goruu marketplace where she could select excellent education content to publish to her employees. Furthermore, Goruu allows her to share essential and individual education and training matching role specific requirements and individual needs and ambitions. Rita has created an individual professional evaluation sheet for each employee, used as a key performance and career management component and viewed by the employees as essential to their work and professional development. The gamification of Goruu created an environment of healthy competition among all employees were they are encouraged to join the medals race for increased knowledge and good performance. Education and training costs are incomparably lowered by using Goruu and the results are amazing.

Goruu is perfect for corporate education and performance management and makes the life of Rita easy, fun and interactive!